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Purchasing best car insurance policy for your car is the crucial job as you car insurance will cover the physical damage of unwanted accident and some other aspect such as loss from man-made calamities or natural and Of course you don’t want to compromise with your life as well. There are many dealers either online or offline you can check for their quotes and compared them. Here in this post, I am going to help you when it comes to choosing the best auto insurance policy.

Way Of Buying An Auto Insurance

You can purchase auto insurance from the dedicated dealer from where you bought your car.

You can look for the individual dealer and compare the quotes.

At the last, you can purchase auto insurance online.


Auto Insurance From Dedicated Dealer

Purchasing auto insurance from the dedicated dealer is a good idea though  are tied up with insurance companies that pay them a higher commission. Since the dedicated dealer deals with only one insurance company, they have a good idea about different packages offered by the company and different type of coverage you need as per your requirements. When comparing captive dealer with the individual dealer, dedicated dealer may take a time to respond your needs and question.

Auto Insurance From The Independent Dealer.

Buying car insurance from the independent dealer has its own pros and cons. Independent dealer works with many different insurance agencies, not with the just single firm. So it might be possible that an independent dealer will have right insurance coverage package in your budget by assisting you to buy the expensive package with other extra offers. Ingenie customer service can help you in getting the best car insurance at the best price.

Online Insurance

Last and least option is to buy car insurance online while ignoring the agent completely and stipulate the deal directly with the company. You have to sweat yourself for this one as you have to go through a lot of research on different coverage providers, their insurance rate and other benefits that their policy covers. Purchasing car insurance online have an advantage of saving money as you will not have pay higher commission to agents and you will be able to get inexpensive and easy insurance.

Defining The Type Of Coverage Your Want And Type Vehicle Insurance

After deciding which companies to go with there are certain parameters that decide the premium such as the make of the vehicle, driving history, profession of the person, financial affairs of the person and age of the person.

Generally, Policies Offered By Insurance Companies Are Two Types-

  1. Third Party Liability Insurance

This plan usually covers the accidental death, damage to the property and injury to the third party. It also includes the accident coverage for a driver. This policy is mandatory of every driver and all type of the vehicles plying on the road.

  1. Comprehensive Insurance Plan

The comprehensive plan is normally preferred by many as it covers the third party insurance plans and own damage such as financial losses of the damaged vehicle, theft of the insured cars, etc. It also covers theft or damage caused by natural calamities such as cyclone, earthquake, Tsunami, fire explosion,etc.& men made calamities like riots and strike, terrorist attacks, etc.

After choosing the right insurance company, compare their quotes and offering and be sure about their policies if they are covering your requirements and get maximum coverage. Sometimes it is better to understand the rules that can be vary with states and eliminate the myths about car insurance.